Wood Wallpaper For A Natural Look

types of wallpaper

Wood wallpaper gives your interior a natural look. Different types of wood motifs for wallpaper are available. The colors of the wood wallpaper also vary. This are alle the types of wallpaper.

The variation is also present in the version of wallpaper with wood look. For example, photo print wallpaper with wood motif is available.

types of wallpaper

There is also a choice of different types of wood for wallpaper. For example in the form of scaffolding wood wallpaper or scrap wood wallpaper.
• Concrete look wallpaper
• Industrial wallpaper
• Stone wallpaper
• Wood wallpaper

Chique Appearance With Textile wood Wallpaper

Textile wallpaper on the wall provides a chic look as a basis in the interior. Buying textile wallpaper is ideal if you want a stylish wall in the living room or bedroom.

There is plenty of inspiration to get with textile wallpaper in all sorts of colors and structures. This wallpaper in anthracite is stylish. Textile wallpaper green fits perfectly with an interior with furniture made of wood.

A chic look in the bedroom can be realized, for example, with textile wallpaper in a golden yellow color. The structure of this wallpaper ensures an exclusive look anywhere in the house.

Wallpaper With Flowers As Theme

Wallpaper with a theme makes the wall speak. The wallpaper with a theme can be adjusted to your interior. Or you can tune your interior to the wallpaper with a theme.

Floral wallpaper is a typical example of a special theme. With this you bring the spring or summer into your home and it creates a cheerful atmosphere.

Floral wallpaper is available in various designs with a choice of various types of flowers. Or blossom, because that is also a popular theme for wallpaper. Need help? Ask our professionals for advice.

Botanical Wallpaper

Botanical wallpaper is one of the many home trends that appeal to the imagination. Botanical wallpaper includes a broader theme such as specific floral wallpaper.

With wallpaper with a botanical print there is an enormous amount of choice. For example, it is possible to bring in a complete jungle with botanical photo wallpaper. Or to create a quieter atmosphere with large leaves.

Botanical wallpaper is suitable for interiors where you want nature to speak. It is also great to combine in an interior with an urban jungle. This way you can combine large and small plants in your home beautifully with botanical wallpaper.

Forrest As Wallpaper

Forest as a theme for wallpaper is always doing well. In all kinds of interiors you can use photo wallpaper forest or wallpaper with forest animals in a children’s room for example.

A wallpaper with a misty forest brings a mysterious atmosphere. That gives cause to let the thoughts and imagination run free.

The preference is often for a forest wallpaper bedroom, but in a large living room it is also fantastic.
• Floral wallpaper
• Botanical wallpaper
• Forest wallpaper

Wallpaper With Nature As Theme

The theme of nature is very popular when it comes to prints on wallpaper. Moreover, nature is available as a theme on all types of wallpaper. For example on paper wallpaper and as photo wallpaper.

Nature is a broad concept and varies from landscapes such as forest and meadow to beach and dunes. Animals, plants and trees are of course also part of this theme for wallpaper.

It is possible to buy wallpaper with a lifelike print with nature as the theme. Or for wallpaper with a more imaginative print or with natural drawings.

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